Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wish List: VW Transporter Rockton 4Motion

A rugged all wheel drive, diesel-powered, manual transmission-equipped new VW van?
Yes please. It's Volkswagen's Transporter Rockton 4Motion van. Equip mine with a "Weekender" package consisting of a fold-down bed, fold-out table, curtains and top it with the most important piece - a pop top to sleep two more.
And of course, bring it to the USA and offer it for less than $39,900. Which will never happen.

It's be a perfect rig for exploring some of the 4WD roads and trails that lay in east San Diego County.

Via Autoblog. Thanks to Mark P. for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Fine....if you gracefully accepted gifts!!!!!!!!!!

Green Laker said...

I just wish it was sold in the US and A for a reasonable amount.