Monday, August 20, 2012


Celeste wrote a poem the last night, here it is:

drizzling down
thunder in the distance
a cool breeze
but safe inside

grasses dripping
gentle splashes as water hits water
a silver-tinged sky
a cozy bluish room

pours harder
lightning strikes
followed by a loud
and the rain returns to a normal pace

eyes grow heavy
brain slows down
and soon,
a peaceful rest

eyes open
body awakes

outside muddy puddles cover the ground
and the world has been sprinkled with clear, wet pearls

flowers hold miniature pools of water fit for an ant
droplets of water slide down heavy leaves
and drop into puddles below


the air has a fresh scent
and a refreshing chill
the sky is a calm grey
soon to be replaced
with a happy spring sun

the grass is damp now
but will dry soon
the puddles that litter the ground
will soon evaporate

soon the birds will be calling
to one another
from the trees and the sky

soon the bees will be buzzing,
humming through the flowers

and the fox kits will be playing
in the meadow

every creature is at ease,
for spring is here.

life will be about
but, yet
soon the owl will hoot
and the day will be over
the sun will go down
sleep will happen
and soon,
soon the sun will be up,
and the birds will be calling,
and the bees will be humming
the fox kits will be playing,
and the day will restart.