Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Lot Of Pedaling

The ride stats for the first half of the year:

Yeah, I slacked off and should have had the additional 96 to bring me to an even 4,000. But May was tough - due to travel I only rode 168 miles, which is what I generally get in during a workweek.

Back to the bike...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Song From 2010 That I Can't Stop Playing

I dunno why, but I can't seem to get enough of Zebra by Beach House as of late. From their 2010 Teen Dream record - one of last year's best.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Down On The Street - Hamburg Edition

Frugal Frenchies found on the street in Hamburg's St. George area.

First up, a Renault R4 - the first one of these frogs that I have seen in the flesh.
According to the Wikipedia entry, the R4 (or Quattrelle) was Renault's answer to the Citroën 2CV - a basic, efficient front-drive family car.
Exposed hinges? Slider windows? Crude styling? Absent of virtually all creature comforts? All of these "attributes" can be found in the R4. Even the idea of interior door panels may have been too deluxe of a feature for the R4:
Still, it might be fun to bomb around a European city in. Or better yet, on some unimproved French farm roads.
Parked less than a kilometer from the R4, a Citroën 2CV was poking out from a parking spot (next to a neat Euro-market Civic hatch).
Although far from perfect, it was in much nicer shape than the last 2CV that I spotted in the Oceanside harbor parking lot.
I'm guessing by the more-finished grille treatment that this 2CV is probably decades newer than the yellow beast in Oceanside.

Given my choice between the Renault and Citröen, there's no question that I'd take the latter home with me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

South Pasadena Time Warp

Or "Down Off The Street".

While up in South Pasadena dropping off a bike for Brad and Tim at Peloton Magazine, I happened upon a 1949 Cadillac sitting seemingly in the bushes in front of a row of fantastic craftsman-style homes.
Of course, being a die-hard nerd/car-hunter, I had to stop and snap some pix. I should also mention that I have always loved craftsman homes, making it hard for me to keep my eyes on the road in this particular neighborhood. Mix in some vintage iron and I had the iPhone all warmed up to pop out of the car and shoot away.

Image one, "raw" and unprocessed:
With a heavy "June Gloom" marine layer, there was no interesting sky to be seen. A little filtering through the free Instagram app and the resulting image looks like something found in a shoebox in grandma's attic:
Next up, printing it via Postagram. These damn apps are addictive.

Oh, and the bike. I snapped a pic of that before I loaded it on the car for delivery:
For those of you who might care, it's an Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Down On The Street - Hamburg Edition

Going for an early morning pedal around Hamburg's Außenalster last weekend, I was presented with reams of late-model grey/charcoal/black (and the occasional - gasp - dark metallic blue), predominantly German cars parked on residential roads surrounding the lake. But always vigilant and in car hunting mode, I stumbled upon a sweet vintage BMW E9 parked on a Hamburg street.
Like the last E9 I spotted *much* closer to home, I don't know the exact model of this Bavarian machine, but I do know that I like it. Most of it, with the exception of this trunk lid tag:
But as this platform is more of a grand tourer than a sports car, I can forgive the transmission.

Still, if it were mine, it'd be in the garage getting a conversion to a proper three-pedal gearbox. That chrome fender trim would be coming off as well.