Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taiwan: Random Taichung, Part 2

More random pix snapped while taking in the streets of and around Taichung...
overwrought, ugly architecture
bucket o' pups
available for adoption
I like this one
expat bar w/good music and cheap beer
half of a sheep head, just washed on the sidewalk
window display
random street, surprisingly blue skies
computer fans serving as kitchen ventilation
neon wilderness
side of a restaurant
no more excellence
betelnut shop
the coolest scooter in all of Taichung
Thai restaurant lamps
trouble is brewing
training wheels, trailer, proud woman
lumber store
fresh-delivered eggs
factory dog 1
factory dog 2
mechanical highway safety flagger
betelnut stand 2
street dog, he waited for a green light before crossing
little blue truck 1
little blue truck 2

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