Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Down On The Street - Taichung Edition

Two-wheelers seem to greatly outnumber four wheelers on Taiwan's urban streets. With limited parking and the expense of buying, registering and insuring a four wheeled vehicle, scooters are the easy choice for the working masses in this temperate nation island.

Most of the two-wheeled vehicles are scooters, but occasionally you'll come across some interesting small-displacement iron with larger wheels. Like this Kawasaki B1, built in Taiwan under license by the Yuen Foong Paper Company of all things.
Classic looks and a healthy dose of patina. Nice touches too:
passenger foot peg
tank badge of the mighty Yuen-Foong
fender badge
taillight guard
125cc, you don't need much more in Taichung's urban center


hwya said...

Yes,I've seen these motorcycles parked on the street I am living in the Xinzhaung District in New Taipei City.I am interested in old manufactured products from China ad Japan. I found a Hino pendulum clock that is prewar or manufactured in the 40's in Japan with the wood case made in Taiwan. I also found a prewar flashlight Labeled Made in China on the battery end. I am interested in Chinese home made furniture.
I was in Dalin (port Arthur)and saw some doors and furniture that had been collected. I have collected Nsu,Kriedler,tohotsu,motorcycles.
my email is Hwybob2@yahoo.com
Ken R

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