Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taiwan: Random Taichung, Part I

Part one of a series of photos taken over the past week that I am either too lazy to go into great detail about or that don't need much in the way of explanation...
tandem with lights, glows in the night
scooters for as far as the eye can see
my Taichung residence, temple in foreground
The Drunken Duck Beer Garden 1
The Drunken Duck Beer Garden 2
"squat pot", the nicest one I've encountered
hot pots
child seat 1
child seat 2
strange underwear ad
all bundled up on an 80° day, but the the Taiwanese dress according to the calendar
sidewalk food stand
nonsensical English 1
nonsensical English 2
scooter helmet display
shrine 1
shrine 2
shrine 3...
...consisting of Busch cans

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