Monday, December 20, 2010

China: Random Linyi & Surrounding Area

Some random pix from my recent visit to Linyi, Shandong China, a city of over ten million people that I had never previously heard of.
from my hotel room the night of arrival
from my hotel room, the next morning (cough, cough)
Although I had brought running gear, there was no way that I was going to exert myself in the horrible pollution.
another view from the hotel
walking out the front door, hellllooo Linyi
Tuesday morning commuters, I
Tuesday morning commuters, II
new shopping mall (no joke)
work truck
new homes on the outskirts of town
coal pile for factory paint line heat
coal stove in factory R&D office
factory dog
the restaurant we ate lunch at - in China, "Chinese food" is just "food"
a deluxe restaurant, dishes were sealed when delivered to the table
Chinese flag outside a government building, hazy skies

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