Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Songs of All Time: "A Shot In The Arm" by Wilco

From Wilco's dense and intricately-arranged 1999 record "Summerteeth" comes the single A Shot In The Arm.

(just the audio track, there is no official video for the song)

I've played Summerteeth literally hundreds of times in the past decade. And while it's not arecord that I've dialed up to play to in it's entirety anytime within the last few years, A Shot In The Arm still stands up to repeated listens for me when it comes up on the iPod. Dark and bleak with the repeated line of "what you once were isn't what you want to be anymore" as the music song fades. Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Why dark and bleak=perfect?? Lighten up and enjoy life!!

Green Laker said...

Because I have been enjoying dark and bleak music (among other types) for a very long time. There's still plenty to enjoy...