Friday, December 10, 2010

Field Trip - Lugang, Taiwan

When visiting factories in the Taichung, Taiwan area earlier this week, we found ourselves with a little extra time as well as empty stomachs. Wanting to show me some historical Taiwan, we headed to the port city of Lugang. Or, should I say ex-port city of Lugang. According to the Wikipedia entry, the city's heyday was from about 1785-1845, but then port silted over and the city didn't allow a railroad to pass through, meaning that the port itself died. Because of this, the village was able to escape urbanization and modernization and was preserved. It's now a tourist destination and has many temples...
Longshan Temple well as many places to spend your money.
On food:
eat the whole shrimp, head, scales, tail and all
suck the critter out of the shell
fresh, fire-roasted peanuts were good
Streets to wander:
Old buildings:
Sometimes no buildings:
Oh-so-cliché (but cool) doors to shoot... well as narrow alleys:
Gift shops had plenty of wares:
it felt like stepping back in time
traditional rain coat (no joke)
It's definitely an interesting place to visit. I am happy as well as fortunate that I was able to experience more traditional Taiwan as opposed to the bustling urban centers of Taichung and Taipei.