Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rancho La Costa - The Short, Poorly-Edited & Plotless Video

I'm very happy that my friend Derek turned me on to Carlsbad's Rancho La Costa trail network when I moved out here. There are only about twenty miles or so of trails on this south-facing slope, but what's lacking in distance is made up for in location (15 minutes from home), topography and trail "flow".

I've ridden it dozens of times, written about it a couple of times (here and here) and I shot some video using a point-and-shoot camera (posted here), but yesterday I decided to take a GoPro HD camera out to document some of my favorite parts of the trail. After three loops I had about 25 minutes (400MB) worth of footage that I edited down to this:

As you can tell, I'm definitely still wrapping my head around both the camera and editing in iMovie. Celeste is far better than me at the latter. Plus I'm a little bummed how "compressed" it became when loaded on to YouTube. Time was also spent fiddling with GarageBand order to lop off 2:40 from the song (which had been looping endlessly in my head when riding yesterday). A couple of hours netted the result above. Hopefully experience will make me much more efficient. Kind of like mountain biking.

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Unknown said...

H O T! Or was it cool... can't tell from the footage.. :) Nice one! Celeste did a great job editing btw too! And I've had the same problem with that song lately, it won't leave my head...