Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break: Travel Town Museum, Griffith Park L.A.

After spending a few hours exploring the Griffith Park's Old L.A. Zü, we drove a few minutes north to take in the Travel Town Museum.
Founded in 1952, Travel Town hosts a wide array of locomotives, passenger cars and other rolling stock. Most of the locomotives on display are steam-powered, with one dating back to 1864.
We were quite surprised to find the museum as a free admission area. A few cars and locomotives were open and available for us to climb in and on.
inside the A.T.&S.F. Snack Car #3355 (1928)
Santa Fe logo window detail in #3355

Lots of steam, sadly I lost track of which locomotives are photographed below.

artsy-fartsy black and white
tying the grrrl down to the tracks

I really liked the simple type font on this tender:
And I love the engineer skunk from a California Western locomotive:
I think I'm going to have to make a t-shirt with this logo, too cool!

After we had spent about 45 minutes checking the place out, an announcement on the PA alerted us to mosey on over to the station for a ride on the park's passenger railroad.
The fare was all of $2.50 per person for two trips around the park. So we crammed Celeste into one of the cars:
But she quickly discovered that there was adequate headroom to be found.
Bringing up the rear.
An afternoon well spent.

And now a public service announcement from the museum:
(click here for a definition)


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