Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grandpa Oldaker Would Be Proud

I should really stay away from Bring A Trailer. Because when I visit I always come away wanting cool old and/or odd vehicles like this International Harvester Travelall.
Built shortly after Grandpa retired from Harvester, this beast would make a fine highway cruiser (if you don't mind getting about 8 MPG). Handsome in an oh-so utilitarian way, eh?
Just needs a big-ass chrome roof rack up top with some vintage Samsonite luggage tied down with cotton rope.
In-car entertainment? Many stations on that AM dial to choose from. Just don't expect to be able to hear anything if seated in the back.
But that's where you load your dogs, and they don't care about the radio. Just roll down the windows for sniffs galore. The only thing that'd make it better would be if it was painted in IH's signature deep red color.

I'm just a sucker for old IH trucks. Frankly I'm surprised that Grandpa didn't have one himself as a Scout would have been a great vehicle at his Green Lake home. Four wheel drive for getting into town during the winter, yank the boats out of the water at the end of the season and hose out the cargo area after his beloved yellow labs went for a ride.
on board the FloteBote®, Green Lake, WI, sometime in the late 1960s
L-R, my Uncle Steve, Aunt Ginny, mom, Grandma O., (cocktail), Grandpa O.

But he was an Oldsmobile man. I remember these two in particular:
1977 Toronado. His was dark blue, sadly no epitome-of-the-1970s T-top. But it was really Grandma's car.
1975 Custom Cruiser. With the still-cool "disappearing clamshell tailgate" - the glass slid into the roof while the door slipped under the cargo floor. His was pea-green with the walnut siding shown above. Plus lots of dog hair in the cargo area. Being an odd car geek/wagon dork, I really wanted this car when I turned 16. Even though it was the aforementioned pea green/walnut siding with whitewalls, skirted rear wheels and an underpowered but over-displaced 455 cu. in. V8. Heck, I still want one.

If anyone feels like buying the Travelall and donating it to me, here's a link to the eBay auction.

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