Saturday, April 17, 2010

(sub)Urban Exploration II

Our grrrl really enjoys getting out and checking out the hidden and forgotten-about areas near our home. Last October the two of us explored the drainage ditch that separates our neighborhood from an adjacent one.

Since it had been six months since our last journey - and since it's now still light out well after dinner, we pedaled the HellBetty up to the top of the 'hood to do a little recon.
Even if I'm providing 90% of the power, it's still great to share a bike with Celeste. Even if she's soft-pedaling, her right thumb is super-busy ringing the Electra "ding-dong" bell repeatedly at any living thing within a half-mile radius.

And off she goes "C'mon, Daddy!"
We didn't find too much on this trip. Some flowers that were so big and perfect that they almost looked fake;
A turtle:
complete with a spot of bird poop on the little guy's shell

And some California poppies growing in the cracks of the concrete.
Run run run...
Found a couple of tennis balls for Juno. Now to find a way to carry all the goodies back home.

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