Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taipei Tuesday - The Hunt For Bubble Tea

Tuesday was another day at work in Taipei for me. The plan was to meet at the trading agent's office to discuss current projects as well as future plans. I'm always amazed at how much more work gets done face to face as opposed to emails, all delayed by a day or more due to the ten hour time difference between Taiwan and California.

After a few hours in the office, we headed out lunch here (middle dot):
A number of very large bees were congregating around the honey display near the register.
I sooo wanted to swipe one for Celeste.

Finished up work by 3:00, here's yet another shot of Taipei, this from the open window on the office's men's room.
I was dropped back off at the hotel by 3:10 or so. My eyes were heavy, but didn't want to nap for the risk of having trouble sleeping later in the evening, so I went on a quest for bubble tea.

There's one street that runs near the hotel that I hadn't yet explored. Lots of flashing neon lights, must be good for something, right? So off I went, passing lots of scooter shops...
...and lots of scooters. Of course.
As well as other buildings that I was not able to properly identify. Probably more scooter repair shops.
I tried to ask this friendly-looking construction traffic flagger for the nearest tea shop, but he just waved me on.

I poked around in a sign shop for a few minutes, on the hunt for something amusing to put up in the Electra office:
But nothing really stood out.

This establishment a few doors down looked promising:
Hmm, the menu's not helping me much.
Thankfully one of the attendants saw the confused look on my face and handed me a printed translated menu.

Pearl milk tea ordered. Here's a bucket o' boba (tapioca).
The top was sealed with their fancy machine.
And out I went with my tea.
Or rather tea-flavored iced milk. I must have ordered the wrong thing. Still pretty good though. I'll probably have one more at the airport prior to my departure tomorrow.

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