Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taiwanese Scooter Dogs!

It's a well-known fact, dogs like to go for a ride. Tongue hanging out, ears flapping in the wind, tails-a-waggin', a ride is to dogs as nip is to cats.

But if your primary mode of transportation is of the two-wheeled variety, it would seemingly present some challenges.

However the Taiwanese are very crafty and are always good adapters. Here's proof, snapped as I walked around Taipei over the weekend.
variation of the "family sandwich"

I witnessed this little pooch hop from the scooter's floorboard up to the saddle, anxious to go.
Just because your two-wheeled vehicle of choice isn't propelled by an 80cc two-stroke, doesn't mean that Fido has to stay at home. Who doesn't like a Saturday afternoon bike ride?


Velorambling said...

Thanks for taking us along to Taiwan. It was good fun. I cant wait until "we" go back again.

Green Laker said...

Thanks Gary. I was very happy to wake up in my own bed to chirping birds this morning.

Andrea R. Williams said...

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Hannan Aslam said...

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Jeson Devid said...

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scott summer said...

This is incredible! We need to train our dogs how to ride kick scooters