Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down on the Street

What the hell?
Why it's a lifted Suzuki X-90 on the streets of Carlsbad. Generally regarded as both a sales flop as well as a "secretary's car" (especially when painted in an all-too familiar mid-90s purple metallic), this one's seen some heavy modifications.

To each their own, but I have to wonder why the owner didn't just start with something more than an underpowered bulbous soft-roader. Might a Jeep or a Toyota FJ40 have been a better platform on which to build a vehicle to take out to Ocotillo Wells? Reminds me of the ricer kids who try to make their wheezy 90 HP Civic DXs with 5" fart cans (blatting out a horrible exhaust note, natch) into fast cars.

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Anonymous said...

Ignorance is bliss. The problem with the "Bolt on", 'wax on wax off',' but the internet said" crowd is limited knowledge & small thinking ( balls too). That X90 AKA SideKick will smoke any store bought Jeep off Road. Only a modded Rubicon would have a chance to follow it. The experienced Off roader who knows the rest of the world uses Suzuki's not Jeeps for starters. And can see the custom link arm suspention with Yota axles. And obviously far more than that. As the saying go's. "say nothing & appear dumb. Speak & confirm it. lol