Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Car I Didn't Realize That I Needed

A 1960 Facel Vega HK500.
Painted in a lovely and appropriate French blue (my favorite shade of blue) and a healthy dollop of patina. Nice knock-off steel wheels lend a sporty yet restrained look.

Under the hood resides a dual-carb Chrysler 383 V8, good for a rated 360 HP.
And magnificently mated to a proper 4-speed manual tranny.
mmm... burl wood

Nice cushy leather - this is a real man's car.
Even though it's right-hand drive, I'll take it. Cool mid-century Euro/semi-exotic looks and a dependable (and cheap and easy to maintain) Detroit powerplant. Too bad it's in Australia. And too bad it's priced at the equivalent of ≈$64k.

Read more about this sweet ride on Bring A

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Doubledrumlin said...

Hmmm...looks a lot like World Rally Car blue to me. ;-)