Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Down on the Street - Taipei Edition

Walking the streets of Taipei over a weekend, I came across a couple of VWs that we don't get in the US of A.

A new Scirocco is the more-exciting of the two:
Even if it looks more like a squashed Golf than anything resembling an original Scirocco.
The other is a Lupo, two sizes smaller than the smallest VW we get in the States (the Golf).
Makes for a nice, compact city car, even if it's a little too cute for it's own good.
While in a cab, I trailed a Polo GTI for a couple of blocks, but the photos didn't turn out. That's a VW I hope we do see in the near future. It's very similar in size to the classic "A2" Golf that was offered from '85-'92 and looks great.

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