Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things Allie misses about Madison pt I.

Woodman's Markets.
Ahh, good old Woodman's.

Where the brown tile floors in the enormous produce, meat and cheese sections make the license plate-equipped carts rattle a certain way. The flip-up style carts would be especially clangy until you had added some weight.

Where we knew not to expect good produce on the weekends.

Where we could buy virtually everything in one quick trip. No secondary trips to Target needed for toiletries.

Where the selection of ethnic foods was unparalleled compared to everything but specialty markets.

Where you didn't need a silly "rewards card".

Where we could buy turkey brats.

Where the selection of beer was amazing.

Where the selection of cheese was even more amazinger.

Where you'd shop with people from all walks of life. Woodman's was unpretentious.

And most importantly, where the prices were untouchable.

Below see what $120 (after $35 of "reward savings") bought us at Vons today. I shouldn't be able to carry $120 worth of groceries inside in one trip. And we didn't buy an exceptional amount of stuff.

We could have filled the top and bottom of a cart at Woodman's for $120.


Doubledrumlin said...

Yeah, but I always liked the name "Vons" though... Not sure why.

Green Laker said...

maybe the lack of apostrophe?