Saturday, October 11, 2008

New York Trip - Hotel

I'm fortunate that I get to see some very cool places when I travel. I'm even more fortunate that I've been able to stay in some pretty cool places too.

Here are some shots from the boutique hotel I spent three nights in - New York's Hudson Hotel. Images below are from their website.

Hotel entrance - no signage and a torch (in between the trees on the right)

The first thing you see upon entering - escalators bathed in funky greenish-yellow light

From the lobby you can see into the hotel's club across the escalators

Main lobby, reception desk on left

The rooms were tiny - pretty much what I've had in previous New York hotels. But the decor was cool, linens were crisp with good pillows and mattress to boot. The nice view was a bonus, Hudson River in background.

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swanwilliam said...

Hey, we stayed there in 2002 when we did the Conan show. At least, I think it was that trip. Swanky, eh?