Friday, October 10, 2008

New York Trip

I just got back from my fourth trip to NYC - by far my best trip out there. In the past I didn't really appreciate New York, but I am starting to come around. My company had a cool event, but the highlight was riding the streets of Manhattan late Tuesday and Wednesday nights with some friends.

On Tuesday night we hit the streets around 11 and rode until 1. Within a few minutes of leaving our hotel, we were on the Central Park road loop. This loop has a surprising amount of elevation change over it's six mile length.

Reflections on the Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Over the course of our ride through the park, we probably came across all of a dozen people. A couple of bikes, some walkers and a few runners. And no traffic as the road is closed overnight. At one point we stopped and were amazed at how quiet it was - simply amazing that we were in the middle of New York.

After Central Park, we rode all across midtown Manhattan, going to Rockefeller Center, Broadway and Times Square a couple of times. Wednesday night a larger group of us rode through Times Square, all the way down to Ground Zero and then back up to our hotel on a bike path that follows the Hudson River. The roads were a little slick from a light rain, but that just served to heighten the overall experience.

Here are some random pics from both nights.

Riding into Times Square

Josh snappin' some pix in Times Square

Statue outside of Rockefeller Center

Pizza joint with delivery bikes

More blurry fun shots, using a flash just kill the good night lighting

I just wish I had brought my GPS with me so that I could view our route on Google Maps. Next time.

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