Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I miss about Madison pt. II

Or, rather Monona in this case.

Saving big money at Menards. Not so much the savings, but the handy location about a mile away from our home. There were plenty of weekends where I'd make two to three trips over there over a 24 hour period. I've needed to purchase felt feet for the new IKEA table for about a week now, but can't justify driving five miles to spend $3 at the nearest hardware store (Encintas Home Depot). So the kitchen floor gets marred a little bit. It's a rental.

When we first moved to Monona, I figured I'd be hitting Home Depot most of the time. I've always been partial to HD, but this Menards was so handy - and so Sconnie. The "freebate" deals were too good to pass up, the Sunday circular was always read. Where else can you buy Famous Dave's BBQ sauce for $.29 after mail-in rebate?

After about six months of living there, Menards was my default home improvement center, I'd only made "special" trips to HD - like if I needed Behr paint or a gas grill. Or if Dad sent a discount coupon.

[cue jingle]
plumbing, electrical, appliances too
the savings will always come right back to you
you save big money
you save big money
when you shop Menards
[/end jingle]


Doubledrumlin said...

I think you have an extra "big" in the first time you "save money". You first save money, THEN you save BIG money. I dunno...I just seem to SPEND big money there.

Green Laker said...

thanks for the clarification, DD!