Saturday, September 13, 2008

More furniture assembly, cardboard...

After last week's fun rebuilding all of our IKEA furniture, I decided to do some more.

We hit the San Diego store this afternoon to get a few small pieces to complement our new home.
Classic Pyongyang, er, Poang chair in luxurious Chinese leather!

Cheapo Jokkmokk table and chairs. Since we don't yet know where we'll be long-term, we decided to get an inexpensive kitchen table and invest in something nicer once we buy a home. Only $129 for the set. Cushions extra.

The SD store is nowhere near as nice as the Schaumburg store that we're intimately familiar with. It's much more crowded and confining feeling inside. No natural light either. Regardless we were able to get what we needed. With it only being about 15 miles from the border, I wasn't surprised by the fair number of cars w/ Mexican plates in the lot.

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Doubledrumlin said...

Nice. You know we like teh Po-angs.

BTW, good luck tomorrow!!!