Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun with foliage

or name that tree!

Give up?

We picked it up at Lowes this afternoon (sorry Dad). They also had kiwi and various citrus trees. Since Celeste likes kiwis so much, that might be our next tree.

But this still doesn't top the bag of 20 avocados we bought for $5 from a roadside stand on Friday. Celeste has been having avocado and cheese smeared on toast every morning. Calisconsin sandwich anyone?


canoelover said...

Dude, you are in avocado central. When my brother lived up in Hidden Meadows, he had twenty avocado trees. Holy crap...

Dongoose said... can grow pretty much all the produce you need easy peasy in CA. We're gonna do a victory garden in the new backyard come spring. Maybe some chickens too!

Green Laker said...

Nice on the chickens, Don. We can't have critters like that, stupid HOA. We wanted to get a rabbit hutch for Celeste.