Monday, September 8, 2008

nuestra casa

Here's our new home for the next 12 months (maybe more??, moving sucks).

It's a tidy little three bedroom home w/ two baths. 1286 square feet. It's been interesting cramming 1800 sq feet worth of stuff from WI into it. I'm running out to Home Depot to get some more plywood to expand the attic above the garage.
The backyard, while also small, has some decent landscaping around it. Too bad we don't know what any of the plants are.
Beige acres. It's odd hearing seagulls as I type this...


Dongoose said...

Looks nice! How bout some indoor pics too. I likes the that stamped concrete or real flagstone?

Green Laker said...

Indoor pix will come once I get the house better put together. It's a fake flagstone patio - dyed/stamped concrete. Works for me though.