Sunday, September 7, 2008

Adventures in moving

Okay, ever wonder what happens when the movers run out of room? The account rep from United under-estimated our household contents by a considerable degree. Our truck also had two other families on board - one going from Detroit to Carlsbad and another going from Chicago to Sherman Oaks. This left us with 1400 cubic feet of space on the trailer to hold our estimated 8,000 lbs worth of goods. For what it's worth, an average family has 10-15,000#.

bonus points for finding two of our kayaks

By about 4:00, our truck started getting super tight. At that point, the driver suggested we decide which items we needed immediately and what we could wait a couple of weeks for. Good thing they loaded the snow tires for the van, we're really going to need them come November.

The gas grill, an office chair, some shelving units and boxes containing things like more kitchen utensils and our TV's remote control (needed to properly set up the unit) will be here in a couple of weeks.

Turns out we had 11,000#. Good thing our local United agent has to eat the additional shipping charges.

Oh, and this pic shows the box springs and mattresses that were owned by the other families. Boxed, shrink-wrapped, covered in tarps and then shrink wrapped again. Nifty extending bumper and a whole mess of straps.

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