Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Move, day 4

Date - August 31st
Departure time - 1:30 PM
Departure location - Arvada, CO

Sunday morning we headed down the hill from Chris and Pam to visit our old next-door neighbors Jan, John and Owen. Daughter Sarah was away at college.
We have been very fortunate over the years to have great neighbors. No matter where we've lived, there's always been someone that we continued to stay friends with long after we had moved on. The Arvada neighbors were no exception to that rule. In fact, they stayed with us in Madison a few summers ago as they were on their way out east.

Celeste enjoyed pounding the skins on the basement drum kit.

It was interesting to see the first true house we had owned. Not much has changed and some of the slight improvements I made can are still there. I was so happy to have our own house that I sat outside out on the sidewalk the night we moved in and just stared at it for a half an hour or so. Unfortunately we only lived there for seven months (d'oh!), so we don't have a lot of memories. I did have big plans of adding a second garage and finishing the partially-finished basement. The buyer was a realtor who has used it as income property for the past seven years.

The girls and Jupie on an April day, 2001.
We had one more stop to make in Parker, CO to visit friends Besty and Jim and their two boys. Unfortunately this put us behind schedule a bit, so we had to scoot south on I-25 to try to get to the Great Sand Dunes National Park before nightfall in order to set up camp. Allie and I had camped there years ago with Jupie and really enjoyed it. Quite stunning to see these enormous sand dunes backing up to moutains.

Colorado Hwy 160, west of Walsenburg

Dark clouds loomed over the mountains west and south of Colorado Springs. Being optimistic, I figured the front would pass by the time we rolled in. It didn't. We drove through some heavy rain only to find the campground sold out for the night. Allie had called and the ranger assured us that they would be space (first come, first served). Oh well, we'll just march on into New Mexico.

Red River, NM is a ski resort town in the mountains, surely they'd have space on a summer weekend, right? We arrived after driving through some unfamiliar/winding mountain roads only to find the entire town booked to capacity. Onward to Angel Fire...

Here's where we ended up staying - Angel Fire Resort. "Pardon our dust" is an understatment, it looked even worse under the parking lot's sodium lights. But we were all beat and needed sleep.

Celeste cried when she found out that I was successful in getting a room. "I am NOT staying there". I told her not to judge a book by the cover, inside the place was very nice. Later Celeste said that it was the nicest hotel she had ever stayed in. Since the only non-smoking room available was a king, we all piled in. Celeste kicked Allie and I throughout the night.

Arrival time - Late
Arrival location - Angel Fire, NM
, including a 200 mile detour to the Sand Dunes.

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