Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bike building blunder

I was able to start assembling my American Dream Bike this evening, but ended up coming up a bit short. Literally.

The plan was to move the Alpha Q fork that I had on my old cross bike over to the Gunnar. I had cut the fork a bit on the long side for the other (smaller) frame, and checking the head tube length on the Gunnar website, I figured It'd work.

Turns out I forgot to include the stack height of the headset in my measurements. I could use about another 20mm of steerer tube. I guess I'll be doing some fork shopping at Interbike next week.

The bike is gorgeous, beautiful TIG welds and rich paint. Any bike with a rendering of a Labrador retriever is a-ok with me too. I was able to meet the real Gunnar back in June. Good dog.

Weight so far (w/o chain or front derailleur) is definitely respectable for a steel frame.

Once we sell our house, I plan on buying a Waterford frame to replace my current road bike.

Oh, and of course I was wearing the official footwear of San Diego County...

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Dongoose said...

I'm sure we could hook you up with something nice from Easton if you like. Hey...what's a daycholah anyway?