Saturday, September 13, 2008

Down On The Street

Okay, first off, credit for "Down On The Street" goes to the car blog, where interesting street-parked cars from Alameda, CA ("the island that rust forgot") are shown daily.

I've seen so many cool cars here the last week in Southern CA, with the best being a lightly-modified tan '39 Lincoln-Zephyr coupe and my neighbor's 1949 Ford woody wagon that looks very similar to the toy pictured below. (CORRECTION - it's a 1950 Plymouth) Another neighbor just sold a beautiful Nash Metropolitan, one of Allie's favorite cars. Some of the hot rods around here look just like full-size Hot Wheels.

This '62 (I think) T-bird "bullet bird" is parked out front, not sure if it belongs to a neighbor or if it's just visiting. Regardless, it's a cool driver with just the right amount of patina.
My Great Uncle Gus had one of these parked in his Barrington garage for eons, his was teal on teal and needed a restoration. I would have driven it as-is.

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