Monday, February 15, 2010

Retail Adventure - Really Good Stuff, Portland

A slew of beater bikes on the sidewalk is all it took my boss and I to draw us up the street from Lounge Lizard to our next destination on Portland's Hawthorne Ave.
Hmm, looks a bit like a hybrid antique/thrift/resale shop...
Named "Really Good Stuff", inside was a slew of cast-off electronics, toys, furniture, photographic equipment and the like.
Most items without prices - just inquire with the salty guy behind the counter. And to give you an idea of what it looked like behind the counter, see below:
When we were in the shop, another customer asked the attendant if it was fun working there. His response? Delivered monotone "I hate it, I can't wait until I'm dead." Perfect.
Need kitchen weapons?
Old radios and other electronic apparatuses?

Beer signs for brews I've never heard of?Some decent electric fans - things I used to collect:
...and musical instruments:
Skeleton keys...
...vintage, uh, "gentleman's reading material"...
...and a box of skeleton keys:
I could have easily spent hours here, digging through boxes of junk in search of unknown treasures that I never knew I needed.
Yep, this stretch of Hawthorne is pretty cool.

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