Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retail Adventure - Lounge Lizard, Portland

The second day we were in Portland, we made a point of visiting any cool-looking non-bike shop that we came across in our travels. And since both my boss and I really appreciate mid-century modern stuff - from the kitschy to the kool, we had to stop at Lounge Lizard after seeing it while driving down Hawthorne Ave.
As soon as I popped my head in, I knew that I'd be here for a while.
Loads of great furniture on the floor and fantastic lighting overhead.
really, who *can't* use a grape light?
or, even better, an oil fountain light with an olde tyme mill/water wheel?
Walls filled with bad velvet paintings, shadowboxes...
...sad kitties...
...and whatever you call these 2D wall hangings:
Nicely-stocked tiki section being given the once-over by a one-time tiki collector:
Didn't every baby boomer and gen-xer grow up in a home with these straw tumblers?
Best of all, the prices were reasonable, probably half of what they'd sell for in SoCal - or a third of what they'd sell for in Palm Springs. For instance, this couch was about $250.
And most of the table lamps were about $50.
The two things I most wanted to take home were this color wheel lamp:
And this very Heywood-Wakefield-esque table (only $350).
Even framed/lighted Jesus thinks Lounge Lizard is pretty cool.

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Doubledrumlin said...

That place has Deano written all over it.