Sunday, February 21, 2010

Batiquitos Lagoon - Critters, Rope Swing and a Stick Fort

Problem: a beautiful, sunny February afternoon with temps in the mid-60s (sorry friends from cold-weather areas, you're welcome to visit...) and an antsy grrrl needing fresh air. Solution: Exploring the nearby Batiquitos Lagoon.
Located in South Carlsbad and intersected by I-5 ("the Five"), it's one of the few remaining tidal wetlands in Southern California.
She wasn't all that excited to go, but I knew that as soon as she set foot on the sandy path her mood would change.
Off we ran to search for crabs.
This little guy was fished out from some standing water. But I then spied a larger one which Celeste was able to nab.
After the crabbing we climbed a eucalyptus-crowned hill on the property.
Celeste tried out the rope swing...
nice vantage point - I-5, a railroad bridge and Coast Hwy/Ponto Beach in the distance

...and then had the great idea to build a lean-to fort.
Lots of stick gathering ensued.
Eventually she had enough to create a small shelter.
During the gathering we found a very large millipede. Too bad it was already dead.
Took a few more swings on the rope.
A great two hours in the fresh sea breezes.

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