Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Portland Brewery Adventue - Hopworks Urban Brewery

Beer + bikes, like peanut butter and dark chocolate, it's rare to find such a perfect combo. But that's just what Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland serves up.

Built using a lot of reclaimed materials, such as these keg planters, HUB's building is bright, warm and welcoming.
I don't ever recall seeing bike frames used as over-bar decorative elements before.
Favorite beer? Black IPA. Another combo (black + IPA) that's downright perfect. When you're done with your beer(s), deposit here:
With a handy Sting-Ray saddle headrest if you've had far too many.

HUB also has a mobile "beer bike" for suds on the run:
This bike was at Bike n' Hike's Festival di Ticino earlier in the month pouring for the attendees:
Nice Chris King and Shimamo XTR hub tappers:
Portlanders, what *can't* they do?

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