Saturday, February 6, 2010

Retail Adventure - Portland Outdoor Store

Last week's trip to Portland wasn't all about hitting the city's righteous bike shops, my boss and I also hit some other retail establishments for inspiration. Right off the bat we found ourselves at the iconic Portland Outdoor Store (no website to link to).
Bringing a rural Oregon feel to downtown Portland for decades, the classic brick and stone building houses the largest selection of wool and waxed canvas apparel that I have ever seen.
It definitely skews towards "ranch wear", but with inclement weather a way of life in the Northwest, their Filson jacket selection was second-to-none.
Each of these beautiful made-in-Seattle jackets retailed for over $250. But like a fine timepiece, they're also a long-term investment that will develop a fine patina with age. "Might as well have the best." Natural, warm and long-lasting wool is also popular in Portland, and the Outdoor Store's Woolrich selection was outstanding.
Too bad there's no reason for me to need wool in southern California. Cool accessories are also to be had, from bandanas to blankets to bags...
...and vests and hats.
Inexplicably I failed to take a photo of their jeans or cowboy boot offerings. But if you need a whip, toy horse or fire starters, they have 'em.
I'll definitely visit again the next time I'm up there.


Doubledrumlin said...

Wait...I'm confused. What does that phrase in the one photograph "Made in the USA" supposed to mean?

I had to buy a couple of hankerchiefs at Menards last weeks. Sadly, even those were not make in the US.

Bittles said...

For a long time we had a Woolrich factory in Broomfield where you could go buy seconds and new stuff at an attached outlet store. Wool stuff is great, but scratchy. Check out the Western wear was made in Denver. Yay!