Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lake House Lust

So my boss was cruising the World Wide Innerwebs this morning and stumbled upon this gem.
Not only is it an award-winning masterpiece...
...so elegantly blending in with the rolling Wisconsin landscape...
...but it is also on my beloved Green Lake.
Named The Camouflage House because of the way that the natural-colored panels were harmoniously integrated into the fa├žade by pixelating and distilling autumn hues.
Having practically memorized every home on the lake over 30+ years of recreating on it's clear, spring-fed waters, I'm surprised I wasn't familiar with this home until now.
I discovered that it is located on the south shore of Norwegian Bay. And based on this photo...
...it appears that it's on the western edge of Norwegian Bay. Which really makes sense if the builder didn't demolish an existing structure. See, this part of Norwegian Bay is quite shallow - shallow enough that many lake-goers anchor on the sand bar to enjoy the waist-deep waters. One of only a few places on the deep, dark lake that accommodates those not looking to constantly tread water. The shallowness of the water can also makes the lot less-desirable to those with piers and motorboats as the pier length has to be sufficient in order to properly launch and store said boat. Therefore, it could have stood vacant through Green Lake's development. But that's pure speculation.
And though my favorite Green Lake property is quite evident to anyone who really knows me, this home is definitely one of my favorites. I hope to see it in person (from the lake of course) one of these summers.
Photos and information from this link and this link. Architect - Johnsen Schmaling Architects, Milwaukee.

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