Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dining with the Daugther

The Counter "burger bar" recently opened in Carlsbad, so Celeste and I decided to check it out Friday night.

Located in the upscale Carlsbad Forum, The Counter is a trendy, casual and modern joint. We didn't feel like waiting the 25 minutes for a table to become available, so we sat at the bar.

First we were given a clipboard with the options:
Here's a detail of what's available (a build sheet?):
Celeste's choice:
2/3 lb beef - which ended up being 1/3 too much
yellow American
bacon (of course!)
on honey wheat

My choice:
2/3 lb turkey
Tillamook cheddar
grilled onions
BBQ sauce
on honey wheat

The bottom of the clipboard was for sides and some kid's options. Celeste has pretty much graduated from kid's menus at this point. She likes food but has an appetite like mine. For sides we chose the fifty fifty fries (half "regular", half sweet potato):
I can't stand sweet potatoes (they're almost as vile as bananas to me), but Celeste loves 'em. The thin and perfectly-fried regular fries give The Old Fashioned's fries a run for the money, and the creamy horseradish dip had a good kick, but again, not quite as epic as The Old Fashioned's Tiger Blue.

After a short wait, the burgers came.
the turkey/onion/cheddar/lettuce/BBQ
Our dinner for two was a bit more than I had anticipated - $42 with tip (2 burgers, fries, a beer and a lemonade), but we'll likely return.

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