Sunday, February 14, 2010

Down on the Street - Portland Edition III

Quick - name one of the most difficult vehicles to park in an urban area!
If you answered "ex-US Army 6x6 truck" (edit: or "deuce-and-a-half" - thanks KVH), you're a winner (of nothing but the glory you can bask yourself in).
This beast was spotted in one of Portland's trendier areas on a Friday night. Now I don't know much of anything about these rigs, but I'm thinking it may be a Korean-era Dodge (edit: it's actually an M35 - thanks again KVH). From the looks of it (or at least from the stickers), this truck is now used for off-road excursions.
It's always wise to carry spare axles with you. Never know when you may break one.


Doubledrumlin said...

I believe what you got there is commonly referred to as a duece and a half. And you can "bob" it too!

Green Laker said...

thanks for the ID, KVH!