Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oktoberfest und Pizza Port

So Carlsbad had it's annual Oktoberfest this weekend. We figured with the city's German heritage (it is named after an area in Germany after all), it'd be decent.

While there was a few things to keep the grrrl occupied. An antique fire engine:
safety first! she buckled up even though the truck wasn't moving
sweet grille, hey - what's that in there?

why she found a nice perch in there

Neighbor Braxton screamed too loud for my grrrls precious ears...
...but the hose made for a cool way to frame her face:
We decided that eating German food served from big foil pans (and under palm trees!) wasn't all that appetizing for us. So we only bought a few ride tickets so that Celeste and Braxton could play in one of those inflatable bouncy things:
After that we departed, but she was able to get a big more tree climbing in (it's been the summer of climbing trees)...
...and headed to the village...
sadly gumballs were not dispensed

...where we ended up at the delicious Pizza Port.
Some pirate-themed pinball was played...
...and a fantastic Pizza Laguna (topped w/ artichoke hearts, black olives, peppers and mushrooms) was served.
We caught the sunset at the State Beach and headed home. Another good day.

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