Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green Lake Super 8, Winter 1969

While my best memories of Green Lake are certainly from summer vacations, we still had plenty of fun heading up there when the snow was falling. I vividly recall visiting the "old acres" for the holidays a couple of times during the 1970s. Sledding was a blast on the steep, long slope - as long as the Flexible Flyer or metal saucer I was piloting was not on a collision course with one of the majestic burr oaks that provide a perfect canopy during the summer months.

And while I was not yet born when this particular roll of Super 8 was shot, I do remember visiting about 6 years later and riding around on my grandpa's Johnson snowmobiles. The boy shown is my cousin Jeff and my parents, an aunt and uncle and family friends also attempt to master the mountain.

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