Thursday, October 15, 2009

Down on the Street

On my ride in to work, I've been rolling past this tidy little BMW 2002, parked on a Carlsbad side street.
It hasn't moved for a couple of weeks, but it's far too clean to have been left-for-dead. I've always been very fond of 2002s - it's on my mental list of cars that I will own before I'm dead. But not this one.
Not only does it have a far-too modern metallic paint job and chromed "bottlecap" rims (which I normally like), but it also has giant "safety" bumpers that were mandatory in the 1970s.
check out the gap between the body and the bumper!

And, horror of horrors - look at the badge on the left side of the trunklid - an auto-tragic transmission.
Still I'm being a bit harsh on this Bavarian subcompact. These coupes are super-fun, inexpensive and have a fantastic, airy greenhouse. Just look at how thin the pillars are. Plus all of the things I don't like could easily be remedied with time and money. Of course the fact that I was passed by a rougher-but-cooler earlier round taillight, gloss orange 2002 about 10 min prior to taking this pic somewhat skewed my view.

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