Sunday, November 9, 2008

Phone Phun!

One super nifty feature of the iPhone (and iPod touch) is the web capability. One of my neighbors is giving away wi-fi to the neighborhood, so I always have a strong signal. I downloaded Pandora to my phone as an app and started some stations.

While Pandora's nothing new, this is the first time that I've been able to utilize it on something other than my PC. It's cool to have this plugged in to the stereo and have all sorts of great tunes coming in for free - uninterrupted. Allie's discovered a number of new artists to check out as well.

So far I have "stations" set up for Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Wilco, Elliott Smith, Drive By Truckers, The Skatalites and King Tubby. The DBT station was on for a good chunk of the day Sunday. Great alt. country and rock 'n roll for a dreary day. Well, dreary for Carlsbad anyway. We all kinda liked the clouds.

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