Sunday, November 16, 2008

Field Trip - Santa Monica and Venice Beach

We piled the bikes on and in Klaus this morning for another adventure up north - but getting to Santa Monica was an adventure in itself with the raging wildfires of LA and Orange Counties.

From the I-5 & 405 interchange, Irvine

These were taken at 10 AM on a cloudless day.

We switched the climate control onto recirc to help keep the cabin air clean. While it was still smoky up in Santa Monica, it wasn't quite as bad as it had been at times during the drive.

First things first, Celeste had to chase the flying rats. That girl has priorities.

After she had her fill of chasing the birds - or rather after WE had our fill of watching her chase the birds - we brought the bikes down to the beachfront bike path.

Allie & I were the only adults with helmets on. But we have to set a good example.

I really like this sign!

Santa Monica pier and the VERY wide expanse of beach

Santa Monica has a section of beach dedicated to fitness equipment. Celeste and I tried some things out.

She took some pix of me on the 48" high balance beam

Celeste successfully crossed the balance beam as well.

Our original intention was to spend some time on the pier, but after the ride we were hungry.

We contemplated eating lunch at this fine establishment, but (wisely) chose to find something a little nicer.

The bikes were put back on and in the van and we headed south to Venice Beach. After cruising around for a bit and not finding parking near the famous beach, we found Baja Cantina.

There were delicious warm chips and fresh salsa.
And a smoothie and some margs.

My lunch (two chicken tamales, two chili rellenos, rice and beans) was delivered on a serving platter. Yum! Oh, and it's pretty nice eating outside in the middle of November.

Taxicab, Santa Monica-style

PCH/Hwy 1. Malibu smoked out in distance
More PCH, pier in background

Kinda goes without saying, doesn't it?

very tall palms, Santa Monica

A Home Depot making money the old-fashioned way, Long Beach/Signal Hill

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Dongoose said...

Glad to see you guys are out exploring so much--one of the best things about California is that even a day trip can seem like a 'real' vacation!