Monday, November 10, 2008

Madison Momentos

Those of you who have been to our home prior to us boxing everything up probably recall seeing an abundance of vintage postcards hanging on the walls.

I started collecting them, specifically Green Lake postcards, about fifteen years ago. They're interesting, cheap and are fun to hunt for. Or were fun to hunt for prior to it being so easy with eBay.

I finally got around to hanging up a nice little series of vintage Madison postcards on Sunday. Yeah, they're not hanging all too level - I need some double-face tape to straighten 'em out. Cheapo IKEA frames don't always hang right. But they're only 3 for a dollar.

Esther Beach, Lake Monona

Moonlight on Lake Monona at Yahara River outlet

Our collection has cards from the areas that we've lived in or that are special to us - Chicago, Boulder, Green Lake, Lake Geneva, and Madison. One of these days I plan on starting to post scans of the cards along with any letter printed on the back.

Hmm, maybe I should check eBay for some Carlsbad/San Diego postcards...

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