Friday, May 27, 2011

Down On The Street - Hamburg Edition

Sitting right outside my boutique Hamburg hotel was this nice Notchback.
Air-cooled VWs are seemingly rare here in northern Germany. Not sure if rust or strict emissions rules and safety inspections knocked them off the roads. In fact, the only other air-cooled VW I've seen here was this Käfer, spotted on my last trip here.
Like the Käfer, this 'Dub is definitely owned by an enthusiast. Clean, straight and debadged. I wonder what it's packing for an engine.
I really wouldn't care if it was a mild 1600cc dual port or some 2000+cc screamer. I still want it and wouldn't change a thing if it was mine. Although I do prefer the smaller taillight clusters that are on the other Notchback I spotted in Vista.
Well, I might add some auxiliary lighting to the relatively-blank snout.


Keith said...

I've always loved those but not feeling the you say the snout looks bare. But, my answer for everything is put more lights on it.

Joe said...

I concur.