Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down on the Street - Hamburg Edition

Germany doesn't have all that many classic Beetles ("Kafers") running around, I see far more here in Southern California. My guess is that a wet northern climate has taken its toll on classic Wolfsburg schteel.

And while this one is certainly rusting, it's an intentional rust job. Step one - grind all the paint off body. Step two - leave to the elements. Step three - let nature take its course.

I've seen a few other rat rods with this look. In an effort to make this one look even older, the owner also put the pre-1968 style flared front fenders on. A good look.
By the looks of this one - large wheels, lowered and a stand-off engine lid, I bet it's being pushed by more than the factory original 1600ccs. But then again, it just has "pea-shooter" exhaust pipes. Hmm...

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Doubledrumlin said...

Actually, the reason I've heard that you don't see that many kafers in Germany is that they reminded people of the war. They were/are viewed as low class and not "cute" like we tend to see them. I don't believe that the New Beetle is as popular there as it is here either.