Sunday, September 13, 2009

Down on the Street - Überlingen Edition

Überlingen, Germany is a picturesque small town on the eastern shore of Lake Constance. Unlike Friedrichshafen, which was bombed heavily during WWII, Überlingen was spared the bombing raids of Allied forces, likely because there was no heavy industry. Friedrichshafen on the other hand is headquarters to both the Zeppelin factory and ZF transmissions. Also unlike Friedrichshafen, Überlingen give me the opportunity to use umlauts. I like umlauts. And I like Überlingen at sunset, as photographed below.

But this is yet another Down On The Street, so I'm talking about unusual and/or cool cars. Thanks again to for the great idea of wasting bandwidth and pixels talking about daily-driven cars found on the street.

It takes a brave soul to drive an antique car hundreds of miles - especially an antique British car.
Yep, this one drove all the way from England. If it came from London, that's about 625 miles.
Especially brave (suicidal?) considering the car is equipped with Joe "Prince of Darkness" Lucas electrics.
Still it was probably an epic journey that probably ended in equal quantities laughter, tears and auto-dimming lights.
I'm not sure exactly how old this specimen is - my guess is that it's from the mid-30s. Cool. I just hope the driver made it home in one piece.

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