Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hamburg - Superbude!

While staying in Hamburg, I was put up at Superbude, a super-funky, super-cool hotel/hostel. Now the "hostel" word can scare some - thoughts of sharing bathrooms with dirtbag hippie backpackers and all - but there was nothing "hostel" about the Superbude.
Apparently "bude" is German slang along the lines of "pad" - where you live. My German friends liked the name of the place.
entrance @ night
Decorated by young artists and it shows...
reception (above and below)
check out the desk lamp-turned chandelier and the chairs with pallet bases
glued paper cup chandelier

The kitchen is done in a hipster-loft style...
comfy Astra beer-crate stools

Okay, so the lobby's cool, let's head up to the room. First we'll look up at the outside of the stairwell...
Typical Euro-style (small by our standards), and oh-so-green. Green Laker green.
really green - other rooms are red, pink, etc.
Mouse and rat traps to hold menus and the like. Some rooms have toilet plungers mounted to the walls as coat racks.

The wall-mounted flat-screen went unused while the free WiFi was used. The bed, while firm and virtually on the floor provided a good night's sleep. Pretty cool for €80 per night. The good breakfast added only €7 and parking a reasonable €4.

A couple more shots. First the outdoor lounge, as viewed from the fifth floor.
And remember - bird is love.
whatever that means

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