Monday, May 2, 2011

A Grey May Day In Taipei

Random shots, taken with my phone while exploring the streets of Taipei.

Taipei MRT:
The Red House:
Wanhua Plaza No. 406, remains of an old temple and priest's residence:
steamers for sale:
Bo-Pi-Liao Plaza:
street cats:
and a dog:
brown foods:
fresh chicken:
book store:
sweet treats:
cast in concrete:
Longshan Temple:
flower vendors:
fruit and fishes:
sleepy dude:
dumpling makers:
chicken dumplings (yum):


Anonymous said...

You have a great eye! Cool pics of everyday things. But disappointed to see that you went to that over-priced, over-hyped, and pretty lame dumpling place (鼎泰豐), there are much better and supremely cheaper dumpling places in Taipei.

Anonymous said...

I love them too! The fruits and fishes would look great framed in your kitchen! You have great perspective, such as in the metro pic. Think we will bring you along on our next vacation just to handle the pics! XXOO

Nomadic Deewane said...

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