Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Grey May Day In Taipei

Finishing up my work by late afternoon, I had a little bit of free time on my hands. So with iPhone and some new Taiwan dollars in pocket, I did some more exploring on the streets of Taipei.

wall of a building, Taipei National Technical University:
scooter lids for sale:
halfpipe graffiti:
faded firetrucks in a field:
beer crates, Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation:
beer keg fence I:
beer keg fence II:
picturesque fountain:
bridge bolts:
old motorbike:
gas station (Taiwan 101 in the distance):
tagged truck:
foot map:
fish shop:
bubble man (who did not appreciate being photographed):
bubble man II:
I'm sure he won't mind being immortalized on the web.

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