Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A few quick pix from a recent quick trip to China's most populous city, Shanghai. Here on the banks of the Yangtze River live some 23 million people. Thankfully I had a bit more time to get out (and to actually see the city) compared to my first visit back in December '10.

It's also home of the world's fastest train, the Shanghai Maglev Train:
Longyang Road Station
we saw it hit 431 km/h (267 MPH), but the picture was even worse than this

daytime skyline, complete with Gobi Desert dust storm fallout:
Shanghai's iconic Oriental Pearl Tower (2004) on the left:
the much smaller Gutzlaff Signal Tower (1907):
and via the cliché Hipstamatic:
the Bund:
being there feels as if you're in an older European city...
...'cept for the various Chinese signs:
red flags fly over most buildings:
tourist-trap flea market:
boobies, Jesus, Mao and Big Ben lenticulars:
piles and piles of watches, I was offered plenty of "Rolex", "Bell & Ross" and other models - most hidden behind false walls:
also available: iPhone 4s (even the elusive white versions) and knockoff handbags from just about every luxury brand.

prototype bike, as built by a garage tinkerer:
trade show Engrish:
hotel lobby chandelier:
cabbing it back to the Bund, in traffic:
skyline looks better at night, even if the phone's camera took noisy pix:
Hipstamatic hides such sins:
from a bar:

and back to the hotel, via a tunnel: